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May 16 lunar eclipse

May 16 lunar eclipse

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Lunar eclipse thrills stargazers in the Americas

According to, A total lunar eclipse provided a spectacular celestial show as it unfolded Sunday night into early Monday in the Americas. The eastern half of North America and all of Central and South America were prime locations to see the eclipse,

Blood moon lunar eclipse: Social media lights up with photos of red moon

According to, Sky watchers got a treat last night as a total lunar eclipse turned the May full moon – known as the Flower Moon for its spring time appearance – into a reddish Blood Moon. It was the first lunar eclipse since May of 2021 and lasted for a total of 5 hours and 19 minutes.

A look at the Blood Moon total lunar eclipse May 15-16 over Pennsylvania

According to, May 16, producing the first total lunar eclipse of 2022. The first hint that something special was happening came at 9:32 p.m. Saturday, as the outer edge of Earth’s shadow first moved across the edge of the Moon, beginning a penumbral eclipse.

See these amazing images of the Blood Moon lunar eclipse from around the world

According to, A Blood Moon lunar eclipse swept over densely populated areas in the Americas, Antarctica, Europe, Africa on Sunday (May 15) and Monday (May 16). The total eclipse happened as the moon moved into the umbral, or deeper, shadow of Earth. As the sun’s light …

A total lunar eclipse took place on May 15–16 2022, the first of two total lunar eclipses in 2022. A second eclipse will happen on 8 November. The event…

A total lunar eclipse occurred on 26 May 2021. A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth…


According to, Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15–16, 2022 – Where and When to See May 15–16, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) The total phase of this Blood Moon total lunar eclipse will be visible from across North and South America, plus parts of Europe and Africa. The prime-time eclipse Top 3 tips for watching the event

According to, By Associated Press – Monday, May 16, 2022 A total lunar eclipse provided a spectacular celestial show as it unfolded Sunday night into early Monday in the Americas.

According to, On the night of May 15, and into the early hours of May 16, skywatchers will be treated to a phenomenon which takes place every 1.5 years or so: a total lunar eclipse. Total lunar eclipses occur when the Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of Earth and the planet casts a complete shadow, or umbra, over its sole natural satellite.

According to, Totality will be visible in much of Africa, western Europe, Central and South America, and most of North America. A map showing where the May 15-16, 2022 lunar eclipse is visible. Contours mark the edge of the visibility region at eclipse contact times. The map is centered on 63°52’W, the sublunar longitude at mid-eclipse.

According to, Lunar eclipses are sometimes called blood moons because of this phenomenon. The blood moon rises over lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City on May 15, 2022. People in South …

According to, In 2022, the first eclipse will occur on the night of May 15–16 and the second will occur on November 7–8. When a lunar eclipse occurs, the Moon is moving through the Earth’s shadow. If there are clear skies in your area, you can watch the lunar surface darken, then slowly turn a bright red color over the course of a couple of hours.

According to, During the May 15-16 eclipse, the moon is located in the direction of the constellation Libra. The eclipse belongs to Saros 131 in the catalog of lunar eclipses. It is number 34 of 72 eclipses in…

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